Vehicle Maintenance Form

Vehicle maintenance forms must be completed on a weekly basis by the hirer (driver) and be submitted to the lessor (company) through the 'submit form' button at the end of this form.

all the features below of the vehicle must be checked by the person completing the inspection. By ticking each box you are confirming that you have checked the working operation of all these features and are satisfied that they are all working correctly and all levels are set correctly as per manufacturers guidance.

Oil levels set correct
Fuel levels set at minimum of quarter tank
Tyre tread within legal limits
Tyre pressure checked and set correctly
Windows operating correctly
Windscreen has been checked for Cracks or chips
Screen wash present
Wiper blades are working correctly
Radiator fluid levels are set correctly
Lights including hazards, indicators and fog are working correctly
Ventilation including air con is working correctly
Seat belts are in good working condition and operating correctly
Vehicle interior and exterior is clean and tidy
The vehicle is free from any defect other than specifics listed in 'items for attention'

Items for attention
Please list any areas of concern with the vehicle that haven't already been logged in this vehicle maintenance form. By leaving this area blank you will be automatically confirming that the vehicle is free from any defect and in good working order.

I can confirm that I have carried out a vehicle inspection. I can confirm that the information I have provided is true to the best of my knowledge. I am aware that it is my responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is safe before driving. In the event that I become aware of a safety concern or defect with the vehicle I will stop the vehicle immediately and will report any concerns to the lessor (Company) immediately and await instructions for maintenance repairs or possible vehicle recovery.

I agree and confirm to the above statement